Nov 302015

This breakthrough routine from Lee Holden blends the best of qi gong and yoga in a highly effective mix that delivers results, fast. With his signature down-to-earth instructions, Lee guides you through several variations that will energize you in the morning, recharge you during the day and help you relax in the evening. Best of all, you can experience a refreshing, healing boost to body, mind and spirit anytime... in just 7 Minutes of Magic!

Bonus extras include:

- Take-anywhere pocket guide to the 7 Minutes routines...for when you don't have a DVD player!

- Interview with Lee Holden

- Behind-the scenes footage

...and more! more

Nov 262015

I ADORE these cards. They are immensely valuable for shifting perspective and creating profound new growth. SARK, Author, Artist, Succulent Wild Woman

Set your intentions, break through blockages and learn ways to manifest your dreams using the 49 cards and guidebook of this extraordinary divination system! Each original card connects with a major chakra and represents one of the mystical fables revealed by angels to psychic Tori Hartman over 25 years ago following a near-death experience. This oracle deck contains 49 unique chakra cards, each with its own fairy-tale image, as well as a detailed guidebook that includes divination spreads, chakra-by-chakra insight to guide you on your journey, and a personal inquiry and focused meditation for each card. The divination spreads range from basic one-card readings to intention spreads that tap into and activate your manifesting energy – even the more complex Chakra Layout is still easy-to-use, as all the spreads are. This new deck is set to become a classic for those interested in developing their intuition and card divination. 

 “Read and experience this book! Each poignant and thought-provoking story will give you the feeling of a long lost treasure – uncovered truths just for the reader.” Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of The New York Times Best-selling Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Color is the energy vibration of the Universe. Tori's lovely toolkit can help you tune in and tune up with the rich magic of the spectrum. She makes it fun and fascinating!” Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, authors of Karma Cards, The Enchanted Tarot and Goddess, Guide Me! more

Nov 262015

QIGONG HEALING & ENERGY LEVEL-1 FORM ON DVD: 2014 UPGRADED EDITION! Qi-Animation utilizes the latest advances in teaching technology Camera angles superior to most other videos helping reveal key details Stronger routine after 10 years of teaching and evolving the practice Circulation, Digestion, Immunity benefits established with 3000 teachers of this routine. We amped up the POWER of this routine with new PULSING TECHNIQUES and strategically placed SUBTLTIES OF QI after teaching the form for 10 years!!! Things evolve, as you know. This is not just a new set of mindblowingly realistic Qi animations, rather it is another version of the Level-1 Qigong Form entirely. more

Nov 262015

****2nd Edition****

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Are you finding yourself a little too stressed out? Are you looking for a way to relax and get rid of some of that negative energy? Looking for a non-medicated approach to help aid in healing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is the perfect book for you. Unlike many other books that are designed to provide you with an introduction to something new, this guide is not full of a bunch of fluff. Yes the author includes a brief history on Reiki. After all how can you determine it is right for you, if you are not sure what it is about. In the first chapter of this book you are going to discover what Reiki is, as well as how it can help you. What you are not going to read is a bunch of useless facts about the person who founded it and how he went about discovering this holistic healing approach. The author worked hard to keep the basics short and sweet. In addition, to learning what Reiki is the author discusses the five basic principles of Reiki. These five principles form together to create The Reiki Creed, which is the foundation that all Reiki practitioners follow. In the course of the second chapter the author goes on to discusses the importance of Reiki attunements. Attunements are a necessary part of Reiki as they help to prepare the body for treatments. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare your body for an attunement takes a lot of the guesswork out of Reiki and ensures a successful treatment. The author provides valuable information to readers who are new to Reiki. This information provided by the author allows the reader to gain a thorough understanding of Reiki and how it works, as well as decide if treatments are right for them. In this book you will learn the basics of a Reiki treatment. You will discover how each of the five symbols are used, as well as the hand placements used by Reiki practitioners on their recipients. Reiki as a holistic healing method can be practiced on others, but practitioners can also use this practice to heal themselves. Reiki treatments are often delivered via a single practitioner, but in rare cases recipients take part in something called a Reiki Circle. In his book you will learn all about Reiki Circles and when they are useful for recipients. Reiki is a very spiritual healing method and like many spiritual methods there are a lot of misconceptions about the practice. It probably doesn’t help that Reiki itself, is shrouded in mystery. The author of this book provides insight into some of the common myths that surround the practice of Reiki to help clear up some of the mystery surrounding this spiritual approach. Even though Reiki is spiritual in nature don’t let that scare you off. It is simply an alternative medicinal approach to healing the body. ***Limited Edition***

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Nov 262015

Two unique practices with something for everyone - whether you're a beginner or have practiced Qi Gong for years

Qi Gong (CHEE-gong) is an ancient Chinese health system that promotes mental and physical balance and a feeling of calm vitality. Millions of people have discovered the amazing benefits of these simple standing exercises, breathing, and slow repetitive natural movements.

Filmed amid the beauty of California's Alabama hills, developed and taught by Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong expert Matthew Cohen, these two 40-minute programs cultivate calm, balanced energy and vitality, detoxify the body, and offer the practitioner a sense of inner peace.

Fire heats and strengthens the body, activates and expands the senses, relieves depression, stimulates the immune system, and detoxifies the body.

Water cools the body and calms the nervous system, develops grace and greater range of motion, promotes deep relaxation and releases tension, stress, anxiety, and fear.

Includes bonus martial arts demonstrations and yoga mudras for health. more

Nov 252015

This award-winning film is 2 hrs long, in 2 parts. It has subtitles in Spanish, French, German & English.
Part 1: Curing Cancer, deals with the failings of conventional cancer treatments and shows how conventional medicine wildly, and deceptively, exaggerates the benefits of treatments, while minimizing the risks. There is also a section on the 'Cancer Industry' which explains the history behind cancer treatments, the suppression of alternative treatments and why chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only treatments available to mainstream medicine.
Part 2: Healing Cancer, shows how cancer can be successfully healed with dietary treatments. It explains common misconceptions about cancer, shows how diets designed to fight cancer are more successful than conventional treatments, discusses startling cancer research findings with T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and has interviews with people who have reversed cancers using diet.

Join over 40 million people who have watched this award-winning film. It covers a lot in 88 minutes. Highlights are interviews with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Neil Pinckney, Dr. Ruth Heidrich and Dr. Joseph Crowe.
Dr. Crowe and Dr. Esselstyn are from the world-famous Cleveland Clinic Foundation and know something about heart disease. In fact, Dr. Esselstyn directed the longest and most successful heart disease reversal program ever. These interviews will convince you that cardiovascular disease, can be reversed by switching to The Rave Diet. What you will get is a virtual 1-on-1 consultation with some of the world's leading authorities on heart disease reversal. Dr. Pinckney and Dr. Crowe both reversed severe heart disease by adopting The Rave Diet.
Also hear from Dr. Heidrich who, after surgery, treated her breast cancer without chemotherapy, radiation or any other conventional treatments. more

Nov 252015

Swara Yoga refers to an independent and complete in itself branch of yoga. It deals with the physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects of the rhythmic notes of breathing and the associated flow of bioelectical currents and prana (vital spiritual energy). the preeminent science (Swara Vijnana) of this powerful yoga was derived by the vedic Sages, whose enlightened acumen had a reach into the deepest depths of perceivable and sublime components of Nature and the diverse forms of life manifested in it. more

Nov 242015

A CORD OF ATTACHMENT is an energy structure between you and somebody else. Cords cause problems from the past to leak into your present. These astral-level structures distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like marionettes.

If you can't see these invisible strings, how much do they matter? Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns. But results, big results, come only when you have developed real skills for removing a cord of attachment.

This book will help you get skills. This is the same method you will find in Book 2 in the Energy HEALING Series, Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing. Only this book goes into loads more detail. It is packed with techniques. You're also given a generous assortment of stories, adapted from sessions with clients.

By the time you're done, you will be well trained for cutting cords of attachment for family members and friends, not just yourself.


If you're a consciousness nerd like me, it's thrilling to explore all the techniques. You gain loads of skills that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

What if you want something simpler? I definitely recommend Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing. It's about 1/3 as long.

Am I claiming that this method is the only one that cam help you? Of  course not. I'm just one teacher. Check out my work and decide for yourself if it speaks to you.

I will tell you that many people today start with Cut Cords of Attachment for Self-Healing, just because it is simpler. When they are ready for a skill upgrade, they go on to this fuller version. You're the one who decides, of course. Some folks prefer to start with this book.


This technique for removing pesky energetic cords is officially called 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Here you'll learn all the basic 12 steps to cut cords of attachment, plus instructions for helping family members and friends, as well as yourself.

Explore a resource for permanent healing that you can do on your own for the rest of your life!

1. Create a Sacred Space
How to co-create with a Divine Being of your choice to gain the biggest healing possible.

2. Make an Energy Sandwich
Vibrational protection for your self-healing, simple and powerful.

3. Activate the Aura:
How to perceive what is happening with your aura, even if you have never learned aura reading. (That's right, you don't have to have previous skills at aura reading. I built workarounds into this book.)

4. Prepare to Cut a Particular Cord of Attachment
Learn the difference between major and minor cords of attachment.
Protect yourself by making sure it is wise to cut a particular cord right now.

5. Locate the Cord. Choose one of these methods:
A variety of methods is taught, so you can find which works best for you.

6. Permission Statement
Learn why this matters, then learn how to do it.

7. Remove the Cord of Attachment
This sure isn't all that's involved for a permanent healing! Still, cutting and dissolving that cord is definitely included to permanently remove each energetic cord.

8. Apply the Bandage
Learn how to do a great job at this easy-but- important step in the process.

9. Record the Cord Dynamics
Prepare for surprise! And something way meaningful!

10. Validate the Relationship Pattern
This is a really fascinating, informative part of the process. It's unique to every single cord you cut.

11. Consider Logical Consequences
Here is how you show your special spark as an energy healer. Plus this is how results become very practical, personal, unique to that particular time when you do a session of self-healing.

12 Finish the Session
These secrets of follow up can double the effectiveness of your self-healing session. more

Nov 232015

This longtime Barron's best seller has now been updated and reformatted as an attractive new hardcover edition. The ancient Indian word, chakra, comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel of light, and describes energy centers believed to exist in every man and woman. The Book of Chakras explores the nature of those energy sources, and instructs on how to use them. The author identifies seven energy centers, starting with the Root Chakra, located in the lower torso, which anchors us in life. She also describes the Sacral Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, the Brow or Third Eye Chakra, and the Crown Chakra. Traditional Chakra teachings describe seven bodies that make up every person's aura, and claim that each of these bodies vibrates in ways allied to the colors of the universe. However, only one of these bodies-- the Physical--is visible. When we understand these bodies, we become able to correct our Chakra imbalances and harness our powers for peaceful and productive living. The author tells how to restore balances, heal through the power of thought, and employ colors, sounds, crystals, acupuncture, and other restorative means. More than 300 color illustrations. more