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[20 Apr 2017 | No Comment | ]

A powerful Orgonite Pyramid with Black Kyanite, Shungite and five layers of bronze, brass, copper, iron and cast iron. In the middle are pieces of tigers eye and smoky quartz for enhanced protection for your physical body from emotional and energetic stress. This orgone pyramid is great to keep in your work area so you stay grounded throughout the day. ….read more

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[20 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Often you need easy answers to things. With time, patience and persistence in practice, this pendulum is a great tool that is accurate, easy to use and takes little time. This pendulum is an excellent tool for communicating with the spirit world, checking the accuracy of other readings and divinations and many other different things. Include: 1) A pendulum made of violet amethyst crystal, handcrafted. Dimensions: 35 x 18mm (1.4 x 0.72 inch). 2) An alloy metal chain of 18 cm (7 inch) long, attached to the crystal pendulum. 3) …