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[12 Apr 2017 | No Comment | ]

Brand: JET INTERNATIONAL Product Name: Rainbow Moonstone Cone Facetd Pendulum Purpose: When our chakras are blocked, or not in balance, the free flow of energy is impeded, leading to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. Crystals help us unblock and activate them. . Description: Best for Healing, Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy, Meditation, Sound Sleep, Gift and many more applications. Gives great sense of Spiritual Awakening, Mental Peace, Psychic Horizon, Magical, Divine They can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire …

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[4 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Top Quality Best Selling Gemstone Pendulum Comes with velvet pouch. This is a very unique and amazing piece of art by us. This combination of Pendulums and Chakra Symbols gives you deep sense of Positive Energy, Peace of Mind, Balance, Healing, Meditation, Protection from Evil Eye or Black Magic, Removes Negavite Energy, Success in Business or Studies, Unites Family and Friends. This is both the idea and the art of healing the body, the mind, and the spirit of an individual by utilizing universal energy, properly aligned and magnified by …

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[4 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]

This high quality pendulum is made of solid brass, lending to it a weight and gold coloring that can aid you in focusing your divination. Dangling from a 5 long vibration-free bead chain that ends in a diameter pentagram, this teardrop shaped pendulum is 1 long and ends in a fine point. This pendulum is perfect for your rituals as well as your more casual divinations. ….read more