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[23 Jun 2016 | No Comment | ]

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese practice consisting of physical movements, meditation, creative visualization, and breathing exercises to help revitalize the body and heal the spirit. Similar to tai chi, qigong cultivates vital life-force energy in the body for better health, heightened energy, and longevity. Its powerful benefits have been known in China for thousands of years.This unique book presents over 100 easy, five-minute qigong exercises designed to target specific health issues, from strengthening an aching back and reducing stress to improving sexual function and boosting energy. You can …

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A blend of spiritual and practical material, Spiritual Clearings offers a comprehensive checklist of situations that may require a personal, home, property, or business clearing, from confronting illness or feeling “stuck” in life, to having trouble selling a home, to high employee turnover. In addition to describing energetic blockages, such as negative thought forms, author Diana Burney also discusses different categories of energy, its presence in the invisible world, and the unseen influences or beings that may be drawn to discordant energy. Through spiritual clearings, Burney proposes, we can release …

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An in-depth investigation of traditional European folk medicine and the healing arts of witches• Explores the outlawed “alternative” medicine of witches suppressed by the state and the Church and how these plants can be used today• Reveals that female shamanic medicine can be found in cultures all over the world• Illustrated with color and black-and-white art reproductions dating back to the 16th centuryWitch medicine is wild medicine. It does more than make one healthy, it creates lust and knowledge, ecstasy and mythological insight. In Witchcraft Medicine the authors take the …

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About the Book: Dynamic Energetic Healing®, Howard Brockman, MA, MSW, LCSW introduces a new psychotherapy model that creatively integrates ancient spiritual healing practices with modern psychotherapy. Dynamic Energetic Healing® by Howard Brockman provides a non-traditional alternative for the millions of Americans frustrated with the over prescription of anti-depressants and countless hours of talk therapy. In Dynamic Energetic Healing®, Brockman explains the DEH® model and its practical application, provides 17 case studies that illustrate the model s successful implementation, and assists readers in releasing and eliminating trauma …

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[17 Sep 2014 | No Comment | ]

A guide to ecstatic trance for spiritual and emotional development, spirit journeying, and connection to the collective unconscious • Describes more than 20 ecstatic trance postures for healing, divination, spirit journeys, shape-shifting, past-life recovery, and connecting to the Akashic field • Explores the physiology and psychology of ecstatic trance journeying • Provides guidance for those with little or no experience as well as methods to deepen practice Over the millennia shamanic trance journeying has been used as a way of healing, of providing answers to questions, …

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