Apr 122017

Stone Tone One's orgone pyramid is filled with tumbled dyed quartz, amethyst, and copper/aluminum flakes all encased within a resin pyramid. Designed with representation to the colors of the chakra. Product is designed to mitigate harmful EMF radiation, purify atmosphere, transmute negative energy into positive energy, benefit sleep and overall health, boost plant growth, enhance psychic and intuitive abilities, and balance chakras. Handmade resin product may have some inclusions, bubbles or variations in texture as a result of the curing process. Measures approximately 2.35-2.8 in base length and 1.75 in height or higher. Please keep in mind that because each pyramid is handmade individually, variation in size and overall appearance is to be expected. While the photo provided is a sample of what the product looks like, please note that each pyramid may slightly vary from what is depicted. ....read more