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[30 Dec 2018 | No Comment | ]

This is a our version of a classic pendulum invented in the beginning of 20th century by Swiss monk Abbe Mermet, one of the fathers of modern radiesthesia. The main difference between other simple pendulums and the Mermet’s is a hollow chamber used to place a witness – a small piece of mineral, water, hair, clothing – depending on what the operator is searching for.

This pendulum received a Gold Treatment, a fairly involved process that injects a gold under vacuum conditions to the surface of the pendulum, …

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Super Six Gold Treatment Dowsing Pendulum Super Six is a smaller version of an Isis Pendulum. It is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter or receiver, according to the mental command of the operator. It can be used in checking food, herbs, in making health diagnoses and as a generator of carrying wave in work with maps and distance healing. Because of its unique properties and safety it should be considered basic and necessary pendulum of every dowser. This is a pendulum designed to our specs …

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[17 Nov 2018 | No Comment | ]

A copy of sandstone pendulum found in Egypt’s Valley of Kings, Karnak is now cast in brass, or carved in ebony. It is is very sensitive and has very broad range of uses: from water and mineral witching through checking food, diagnosing, checking and dozing medicines and therapeutic radiesthesia and detecting harmful radiation. Karnak is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter and as a receiver. It radiates its own energy, so it doesn’t need neutralization. 2 3/4 (70mm) 1.62oz The proprietary Gold …

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[25 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Dowsing rod Cellphone Cover Case Samsung S5 Categories: , Fotolia image from Monika Wisniewska Country: Polen You would like your cellphone to have a very special personal look? Then this is the right place for you. Design the look of your cell phone cover to your very personal taste. You’ve got the choice: We offer you a vast variety of images you can add your own personal message to, or you may use your own photos to design your unique cover. If you need help to design …

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Full size Dowsing Rods, used for everything from looking for lost items, ghost hunting, water, auras, energy and miuch more. ….read more

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● PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF ILLEGAL SELLERS! Copper is an expensive metal and unfortunately, some of the sellers prefer using COPPER COATED rods instead of solid copper material. What is wrong with copper coated rods? Factories usually produce copper coated steel rods for a purpose of gas welding. Size and thickness of these gas welding rods are very suitable for creating dowsing rods. Lead is one out of four metals that have the most damaging effects on human health. It can enter the …

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[14 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

Brand: JET INTERNATIONAL Product Name:Osiris Love Gold Plated Metal Pendulum Purpose: When our chakras are blocked, or not in balance, the free flow of energy is impeded, leading to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease. Crystals help us unblock and activate them. . Description: Best for Healing, Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy, Meditation, Sound Sleep, Gift and many more applications. Gives great sense of Spiritual Awakening, Mental Peace, Psychic Horizon, Magical, Divine They can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire …

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[1 Mar 2017 | No Comment | ]

The DOODLEBUG name came from the whimsical term used by Dowsers in the early 1700’s when they were dousing for minerals. Dowsing rods, also known as Divining rods, can be used to discover ground water, sometimes called water witching and to locate buried metals or ores, gemstones, minerals, and many other lost objects and materials. With very little practice, through our all knowing subconscious mind, we all have the innate ability to use these perceptive tools to open up our psyche to the amazing world of Dowsing. With continuous use you will heighten …