Apr 192017

The 7 chakras located along your spine up to the crown of your head may be the biggest secret Western conventional health care is keeping from you.


In this book you'll discover How to Clear your Energetic Blockages, Radiate Energy and Finally heal yourself.

What if I told you that your body had the ability to heal itself through the use of chakras -- unseen spinning wheels of energy that are found at crucial areas along your spine?

If you’ve never heard of chakras before you may be a bit skeptical about their existence, let alone the health and natural influence they offer your body. This book will not only introduce you to these potent vortices of health and wholeness, but it’ll also reveal the secrets that make rebalancing and awakening them seem like child’s play.

Keeping your chakras open is absolutely critical to saying vibrant, healthy and alive. This book will take you by the hand and show you exactly how you can use simple techniques to detect and remediate your chakra imbalances.

With Chakras for Beginners, you will embark on an inner journey that will take you back to the state of peace, joy and happiness you were born to inhabit.

With Chakras for beginners you will find out :

  • What chakras really are
  • Simple techniques to open up and balance each of the seven chakras
  • How to release the power of your chakras
  • The emotional and psychology aspects each chakra stimulate
  • What happens when one energy vortex is clogged
  • And Much more!
Don't hesitate. To start on a journey that could deeply transform how you relate to your world, scroll up and grab your copy right now. Check out some of the testimonials below:

I am glad to have read this book. It helped me to learn a ton about Chakras. I am now starting to learn chakra meditation and eventually positive vibes will come my way. There is an interesting section on balancing your chakras.

Had interesting moments learning the essentials behind the chakra concept. I used to be skeptical about it, but my friends are into it; so I decided to give it a chance.There’s much more to this than I expected.


Mar 232017

Discover the ancient knowledge of chakra healing and restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Within all living beings are powerful centers of energy called chakras. Each chakra holds the potential for immense healing and restoration. However, learning how to harness the chakra system’s amazing power can be challenging when so much of the information available is dense and academic or subjective and hard to trust.

In her successful New York practice, energy healer, acupuncturist, and Reiki master Margarita Alcantara addresses the most common ailments people experience today. She's successfully taught her clients a wide range of different healing techniques for removing energy blockages and balancing their chakras. Through practical instruction and compassionate guidance, Margarita shows each client how to find the self-healing chakra technique that resonates best for their own unique needs.

In Chakra Healing Margarita brings these powerful techniques for chakra healing to anyone who wants to better their emotional, physical, and spiritual health through:

  • A THREE-PART CHAKRA HEALING APPROACH to identify your ailment, discover the affected chakra, and select from an array of effective chakra healing techniques
  • A VARIETY OF THERAPEUTIC METHODS TO CHOOSE FROM including Meditations & Visualizations, Crystals, Essential Oils, Yoga, Food & Diet, Behavioral Changes, and more
  • HELPFUL ILLUSTRATIONS AND PHOTOS of chakra locations, yoga poses, and crystals for easier than ever application of these self-healing techniques

The chakra techniques offered in Chakra Healing address a wide array of ailments and concerns, such as: Asthma and Allergies, Back Pain, Fatigue, Guilt, Anger, Digestive Issues, Neuropathy, Disconnection from Self and Others, Skin Issues, Headache, Loneliness, and more.

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Feb 272017

Awaken and Unleash the Amazing Powers of Your Chakras

Are you feeling lost and listless? Are you looking for balance in all the wrong places? Could you benefit from a clearer mind or a healthier life?

If you find yourself saying ‘Yes’ to any of the above, then Chakras for Beginners: How to Awaken And Balance Chakras, Radiate Positive Energy And Heal Yourself is the guidebook for you. In this compact, thorough guide, you’ll learn all about the fascinating history of the chakras, and how their natural powers can bring balance and harmony to your life.

The various chakras explored in this guide include:

  • The Root

  • The Navel Center

  • The Heart

  • The Thymus

  • The Throat

  • The Third Eye

  • The Crown

For thousands of years, the Hindus have documented the various energy points located throughout the body. These psychic force fields, known as the seven chakras, emanate energy from within, and by unlocking their power one can reap the benefits of a healthier mind and balanced life.

Here’s what to expect in the Beginner’s guide:

  • What the chakras are and how they work

  • The locations of the chakras and their various uses

  • Steps and strategies on how to awaken your chakras

  • Balancing the chakras

  • How to heal damaged chakras

  • Applying these strategies to enhance your life

  • And much, much more!
Tackle suffering, illness, and emotional stagnation at its source by unlocking the power from within. Accept positive energy back into your life by balancing and activating your chakras. The benefits of a reinvigorated aura are endless—all it takes is a little introspection.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of balance, clarity, and inner strength, then look no further than this wonderful introductory guide to the fascinating and illuminating world of the chakras. ....read more

Jun 302016

Discover Right Now The Secrets Of Qigong For Lifelong Health, Happiness And Success

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
- What is Qigong
- How is Qigong practiced worldwide
- The health benefits of Qigong
- The medical conditions that can be treated with Qigong
- Qigong practice classification
- Dynamic and static Qigong basics
- The best Qigong exercises for beginners
- Things you should remember about Qigong
- Much, much more!

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Jun 112016

These easy-to-learn moving meditations will help you boost your immunity and live healthier and longer. Qigong s gentle, flowing poses, deep breathing rhythms and visualization techniques enhance the flow of Qi (energy) that fuels your movements, thoughts and emotions. Used to prevent and cure diseases from hypertension to cancer, Qigong (pronounced chee-gung ) can bring you many other benefits including aerobic endurance, a healthier heart and greater resilience to stress.

DVD includes:
Fundamentals of Qigong
Qigong movements including Wuji Qigong, Swimming Dragon, Dragon Pearl and Bagua Xun Dao Gong
BONUS! Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for the 21st Century. This one-hour documentary reveals Qigong s fascinating origins and scientific evidence of its healing effects. ....read more

Jan 062016

QI GONG FOR BEGINNERS/ is the perfect way to explore and experience the numerous benefits of Qi Gong. Used for thousands of years in China to build energy, improve & maintain health and cultivate peace of mind, these easy to learn practices are designed to enhance you vitality and well being. This DVD contains 8 customized routines to increase your physical and mental energy, reduce stress, improve balance and help with flexibility.
DVD HIGHLIGHTS: - 8 customized routines to learn the Eight Pieces of Brocade Qi Gong
- Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
- Exclusive Interview with the instructor
- Modifications of poses for less-flexible people
- Routines from 5 - 45 minutes
From the creators at bodywisdom media comes a new expert line of DVDs! Excite, inspire and encourage your journey of healthy and balanced living.
Qi Gong and Tai Chi master Chris Pei leads tailored workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes. This safe and effective program is suitable for every body, all ages and schedules. ....read more

Dec 182015

As the title describes, this short book is for those who are just starting out on their journey of self-discovery. A Beginner’s Guide to the Chakras takes you through each of the seven major chakras in turn, describing their individual qualities and their importance in your life. To aid you in the learning process, there are set exercises for you to follow and self-awareness questions to answer. You will find guided meditations to support you on your journey. There are also chapters on dealing with pain, along with working with the chakras using crystal healing and aromatherapy. ....read more

Dec 052015

An exercise program that can actually release blocks to healing and get you centered...in six minutes a day? The simple, no impact, but very powerful movements of Qi Gong can do that and more, from increasing longevity to boosting the immune system. And this beautifully illustrated guide, written especially for beginners, introduces this amazing ancient art that balances and strengthens the life force. Those who try it can look forward to extraordinary health benefits!
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Nov 042015

Qi Gong Flow for Beginners by Lee Holden, has been featured on American Public Television and PBS stations nationwide. It's a gentle moving meditation that releases tension, cultivates energy, and helps connect you to your own inner sense of balance and harmony. Qi Gong mirrors the movements of nature, especially the fluidity of water. Qi Gong Flow for Beginners trains the body to be more relaxed, creating a sense of effortless ease. You'll find yourself slipping into the moment as the body circulates newfound internal energy. Although the body is moving, the mind remains centered, creating a dynamic balance between tranquility and internal strength. This beginner program by Lee Holden strengthens the entire body by following the natural flow of energy in the body. You'll learn the five postures of power, and enjoy a series of standing meditations that will restore your internal balance. Filmed on the banks of a beautiful canyon stream, this is a delightful way to restore harmony to your body, mind and spirit. Note: this routine is performed standing. (30 minutes) ....read more